Meet the Owners

Meet the Dynamic Duo Behind the Paw-some Magic

Every great pet-loving tale has its heroes, and ours come in the form of two remarkable individuals who share a deep, unshakable passion for all things furry and feathered. Meet the faces behind the wagging tails and purring hearts at Geronimo's – Maggie and Martina!

Maggie Carro - The Husky Whisperer

With a heart as big as Thor the husky (yes, she's his proud mom), Maggie brings boundless energy and enthusiasm to our pet-loving family. She's the one who'll greet you with a smile as warm as a sunbeam on a winter's day.

When she's not running the show at Geronimo's, you'll find Maggie exploring Nantucket with her trusty sidekicks, Thor and Leo the cat. Together, they're a dynamic trio of fur-tastic adventures!

Martina Mladenova - The Rescue Squad Leader

Martina wears her love for pets like a badge of honor, especially when it comes to her trio of rescue dogs – George, Eme, & Shylo – and the ever-so-regal KiKi the cat. She's the mastermind behind our unique pet-themed treasures, always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in pet accessories.

But Martina isn't just about style; she's about substance, too. Her commitment to community and pet welfare shines through in everything she does, from charity walks to supporting local shelters.

Together, They're a Purr-fect Team!

Maggie and Martina aren't just business partners; they're best friends who share a dream of making pets and their people smile. Their infectious love for animals and dedication to customer satisfaction is the secret sauce that keeps tails wagging and customers coming back for more.

They're not just the owners; they're the heart and soul of our pet-loving family. So, next time you visit, don't hesitate to say hello and share your own pet tales. They can't wait to meet you and your four-legged friends!

Join us in celebrating Maggie, Martina, and their incredible devotion to the pet-loving community. They're the paw-some duo who make Geronimo's and Cold Noses the joyful, tail-wagging places they are today!

Oh no, it's the pup-arazzi!

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